Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hot Karate "Finger Food"

Country: USA
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
Release dateJuly 27, 2013
1. Supermoon - 08:07
2. Baby Police - 04:11
3. Beefy Boof - 03:20
4. Bolillos - 04:26
5. Japan - 01:42
6. Blood Sausage - 02:55
7. Diluwar - 06:00

Rob Krauss - guitar
Adam Subhas - drums
Cyrus Ghahremani - bass, vocals

Their  hard rock music combines 80’s inspired lead vocals with heavily distorted guitars, almost as distorted bass and hard hitting drums. There are a couple things to note about their album, Finger Food. The first thing is that Hot Karate likes to jam out on their respective instruments kind of like the band Rush or Yes. Ghahremani often has bass solos that are technically proficient as well as fun to rock to. These songs are fun, unpretentious songs that sound much bigger than three guys. Take for instance the first track on the album entitled “Supermoon.”  This epic song is a bit deceiving in that it starts with nothing but airy synths, which have you thinking this may be an ambient album. You realize this is not the case when out of nowhere you hear thunderous toms and distorted guitars. The song literally goes from spacey atmospheres to sounding like Rush in the first two minutes. The song changes a lot in its eight-plus minutes making great music for ADD intensive listeners like myself.
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