Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Terminal Degree "The Middle Of Nowhen"

Country: USA
Sub GenreInstrumental Progressive Metal/Fusion
Label: Self-released
Release dateJuly 30, 2013
1. Resisting a Rest 5:12
2. Deep Phreeze 5:18
3. Fool to a King 5:08
4. Onward and Inward 7:23
5. Firebow 6:16
6. Whimsicle 6:24
7. Gut Feeling 6:33
8. Crosshairs 5:01
9. Psychodomy 7:29

Stanley Chepaitis, acoustic and 5-string electric violins
Nathan Santos, 6-string bass
Mike Barnett, drums

This project came about through Mike's desire to write a metal record using electric violins instead of guitars. Stanley brought his jazz and classical sensibilities to the mix and the band has created a kind of fusion that they think is totally original.

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