Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Echoes Of Giants "At The End Of Myself"

Country: USA
Sub GenreProgressive Rock/Pop
Release dateJuly 23, 2013
1. At The End Of Myself (21:55) 
   i) Overture 
   ii) Stay In Line
   iii) Interlude One
   iv) Shadows
   v) Pushing Forward
   vi) Interlude Two
   vii) Finale
2. Walls I Build (8:39)
3. Alone (4:54)
4. Pushing You (4:35)
5. Let It Go (5:44)
6. My First Breath (15:24)
   i) My First Step
   ii) Wash Away
   iii) My First Breath
7. Epilogue (3:40)


Wes Bolton: Guitars, Programming 
Tracy Thomas: Keys, Malletkat, Drums, Percussion, Programming 
Rick Kaufmann: Bass 

Joey Myers: Guest Vocals

It would be fair to say that there are references to Spock’s Beard, Enchant, Rush and Salem Hill, along with less obvious hints to Coldplay and Radiohead. Oddly enough, I hear aesthetics of Genesis and Pink Floyd to some extent. On the other hand, Echoes Of Giants are far from copyists. These fellows have managed to create an elegant style full of colour and vibrant. The musical approach revolves around building a mid-tempo melancholy tension. It has a deep ‘up front’ impact that hits your senses immediately. The opener, lengthy title track is a pastiche uniting seven parts. This epic (21:55 min) is going through a variety of changes, maintaining a balance between soft atmospheric parts and more energetic sections. Never a dull moment! The rest of content has plenty to offer, sticking closely to the formula established on the title composition. Everything flows together smoothly. It’s not easy for me to pick out any highlight, as ‘At The End Of Myself’ is engrossing throughout. Lyrics complement the music inside well. This American band can bring a signature sound that’s familiar, but unmistakably - Echoes Of Giants. Their songwriting and vocal skills are astounding.  (Prog Head)



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