Friday, July 5, 2013

Hal "Kursk"

Country: Japan
Sub GenreInstrumental Progressive Rock
LabelNautilus Records
Release date: July 5, 2013
1 Prologue (whinsa)
2 Mr.Zealot
3 Top Of The Tower
4 A Day Of Sorrow
5 The Devil Of Triumph
6 Kursk Part1
7 Kursk Part2
8 Kursk Part3
9 Kursk Part4
10 Epilogue (Hope)

Yoshiyuki Sakurai : bass
Makoto Kidera :  guitar
Takashi Satake : drums
Yoichi Kamata : keys, shakuhachi
Toyohide Watanabe : horn
Atsuko Mori : violin
Hiroshi Yamada : contrabass
Yuriko Yamada : voice
Yoshiyuki  Shibuya : percussion

A concept album based on the tank battle of Kursk in World War II.
Hal appeared like the comet in 1975 and disappeared with momentary brightness. In 2007, Alchemy by Hal & Ring was released. Since all the original music of Hal at the time of formation was contained, this album was called the first album of Hal. And the long-awaited second album was released in 2013. This album was made by initiative of Yoichi Kamata which had not participated at Alchemy. Of course, all are new musical composition. Of course, all are upgraded musically.

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Proggnosis (Hal & Ring)

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