Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Whale Fall "The Madrean"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Instrumental Post Rock
FormatCD, vinyl, digital
Release dateDecember 16, 2014 (digital), February 10, 2015 (CD), April 30, 2015 (vinyl)
  1. The Dawn Thief 07:18
  2. I Shall Sail No More (No More Shall I Sail) 06:11
  3. Tahquitz 07:18
  4. On River, On Route 04:33
  5. El Pistolero 08:24
  6. Overpass LA 05:01
  7. Heart Space 08:41
  8. The Madrean 09:37
J-Matt Greenberg - trumpet, keyboards
David Pomeranz
Ali Vazin - guitar
Erik Tokle - bass
Aaron Farinelli - drums
Joseph Santa Maria - saxophone
Artyom Manukyan - cello

The opening bass notes of “The Dawn Thief” set the album into motion, and it never lets go.  The forward propulsion is such that one expects something new to happen around every bend.  When the trumpet enters, one thinks of Morricone, mariachis and the Old West, but with a modern bent.  A guitar and glockenspiel breakdown envelops the third minute, setting up a slow build.  The band is in no hurry, and even if it were, the journey across the Madrean will be long (okay, 57 minutes).  But the album really kicks into gear with “I Shall Sail No More (No More Shall I Sail)”, which is also graced by the album’s best artwork.  The trumpet has been given new prominence, and a 5-note staccato blast is echoed by the drums in the triumphant finale. This is what post-rock is all about.
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