Sunday, December 7, 2014

Arid Garden "Arid Garden"

Country: Italy
Genre(s)Jazz-Rock, Fusion
Release dateDecember 7, 2014
  1. The Day Breakdawn 08:51
  2. Escape 08:03
  3. Desert 06:39
  4. Abyss 05:56
  5. Finale 03:44
Anaïs Del Sordo - Vocals
Davide Cotroneo - Guitar
Giovanni De Luca - Bass
Vincenzo Messina - Drums

This is a highly ambitious band bringing a form of progressive jazz right to the top of my playlist right now.   There’s a complete wealth of ideas within each song and within this entire EP…some sounds I can’t do without now. It’s a fantastic combination of music and vocals with layers of intense drama all throughout the music…it sounds like an adventure.
You get an incredible dose of what this four-piece is capable of right away with a beautiful melody and some powerful vocals from lead-singer Anaïs Del Sordo in the opening track “The Day Breakdown,” who brings a lot to the table quickly with inventive lyrics and a completely innovative take on what you can do upfront. Along with the music, this band is taking their style and sound to a different plain than the rest, resulting in the entire five-song set here sounding fresh, creative and unique for every single second.
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