Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Edenial "Innerpretations"

Country: Chile
Genre(s)Progressive Metal
FormatCD, digital
Release dateDecember 16, 2014
  1. Soul Echo - 4:20
  2. Wrath - 4:07
  3. Red Rum - 3:04
  4. Ni en Mil Años - 3:27
  5. Fragile Shell - 4:11
  6. Evolved - 5:04
  7. Disease - 4:01
  8. Secret Garden - 4:08
  9. Beating and Falling - 3:42
  10. Until - 3:24
Francisca Lastra – Vocals
Snake – Guitars
Chezbox – Bass
D-Tox – Drums

The band mixes an eclectic brew of metal which is hard to define; the bands influences range from power metal to thrash metal to progressive metal and more. With all due respect to “From the End”, “Innerpretations” definitely represents a step forward for Edenial.
The power thrash of the opener “Soul Echo” is an excellent way to begin things. Next is “Wrath” which begins with a doomy rapid fire guitar riff as the song goes off into some intricate technical directions. “Red Rum” has a great big melodic metal sound. Edenial slows the pace a bit for the ballad “Ni En Mil Anos”. The track “Fragile Shell” begins with a haunting melody before the band ramps up the pace again. Other highlights include: “Evolved”, “Disease” and “Secret Garden”. With “Innerpretations”, Edenial has released a blistering, no holds barred metal record that shows that the band does not adhere to limits or boundaries. (Tony Cannella at femmemetalwebzine.net )

Fragile Shell

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