Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tugs "Europa Minor"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreSymphonic, Rock opera
Release date: April 10, 2013
1  Waterloo
2  La Brigata Dei Dottori
3  Pietroburgo 1824
4  Le Colline Di Ems
5  Il Pianto
6  Il Sogno Di Jennifer
7  Nostra Signora Borghesia
8  I Bambini D'Inverno
9  Canzone Per Un Anno
10  Nanou

Bruno Rotolo - bass
Martina Benifei - cello
Fabio Giannitrapani - drums
Nicola Melani - electric guitar
Claudio Fabiani - flute
Marco Susini - keyboards
Pietro Contorno - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Antonio Ghezzani - mandolin
Matteo Scarpettini - percussion
Francesco Carmignani - violin

Tugs were founded in 1978 and brought on their mix of rock theatre and progressive principles coherence even during the difficult decade of the '80s; after a long break, they have reunited and finally released their first LP. "Europa Minor" is the soundtrack of an ambitious, personal and exciting rock opera based on a 'humanistic' and 'other' vision of Europe. It's a passionate and cultured work that tells about some important historical events in Europe, from wars to reconstructions, from tragedy to hope, from blood to poetry. Tugs have waited for the right moment to complete their project, taking back to life songs that were originally written years ago, thanks to an organic of ten elements, a true 'little rock orchestra' characterized by the storytelling voice of Pietro Contorno and the fine playing of keyboardist Marco Susini. Tugs recall the great progressive tradition - the fairy and romantic one by Genesis as well as the Mediterranean one of PFM and Le Orme - blending it with folk elements. The album confirms the vitality of a touching and engaging rock opera, amazing even on the physical music support. Read the full review by at



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