Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Night Watch "The Night Watch"

Country: Canada
Sub Genre: Instrumental Prog Folk, Post Metal, Classical
Release dateApril 23, 2013
1. In the Beginning - 03:05
2. The Great Escape - 04:23
3. Don't Creep - 07:37
4. The Minstrel and the King - 06:15
5. Courts of the East - 06:39
6. War Whales - 16:55
7. Apocalypse Beach - 12:08

Evan Runge - Violin
Matt Cowan - Fretless Bass
Daniel Mollema - Drums, Percussion
Nathanaël Larochette - Guitars, Wurlitzer
Simon Larochette - Pedal Steel, Ebow, Percussion

Grafting together elements of soaring classical, acoustic black metal, vibrant neo-folk and even doom, their self-titled debut creates a lush, cinematic soundscape. The songs are often driven forward by Evan Runge's dancing, daring violin, with a great deal of the muscle and momentum supplied by Nathanaël Larochette's (Musk Ox) guitars and Wurlitzer. When all of the instruments collide, however, it often results in an elemental clash that hits the listener like a progressive cloud burst. What the Night Watch are able to do with textures is this record's greatest achievements, as a traditional violin line is laid atop a bleak, buzzing riff progression or some jazzy drumming is superimposed against a tender acoustic passage. Even at its gentlest and most tentative, The Night Watch has a metallic heaviness that makes this musical experiment a success. (Natalie Zina Walschots at exclaim.ca)



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