Monday, April 15, 2013

Todtgelichter "Apnoe"

Country: Germany
Sub GenreAvant Prog, Doom, Post Metal
LabelCode666/Aural Music
Release dateApril 15, 2013
01. Embers
02. Lights Of Highways
03. Expectations
04. Kollision
05. Beyond Silence (feat. Daniel Brennare of Lake Of Tears)
06. Soil
07. Odem
08. Until It All Begins
09. Tiefer Fall (feat. Allen B. Konstanz of The Vision Bleak)(Bonus Track on Digi pack and Ultra special edition)
10. Torn

Christoph Wonerow - Bass
Frederic - Guitars, Vocals
Tentakel Parkinson - Drums, Keyboards
Marta - Organ, Vocals
Claudio - Guitars
Tobias - Vocals

Apnoe is much more into what they are currently labeled as: Avant-garde Black Metal. You will not find the usual aggressiveness and heaviness of previous albums (even though Angst from 2010 was already less Black Metalish). This is an extremely emotive album, very powerful, very intense. Some bands want desperately to get into the trendy post metal and post rock and post this and that trend (sadly, for some that is only a trend), but some others do it naturally and it actually works out well. And this second case is the case of Todtgelichter. This is a very good piece, very strong tunes, amazing melodies, all instruments working for the same, there is no space for doubts about what they are doing here. 
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