Friday, April 19, 2013

Cyril "Gone Through Years"

Country: Germany
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
LabelProgressive Promotion Records
Release date: April 19, 2013
1. In Search Of Wonders 6:00
2. Sweet Alice 3:24
3. Through Time And Space 6:03
4. Gone Through Years 5:55
5. Days To Come 3:03
6. Mental Scars 6:57
7. Gate Of Reflection 3:01
8. Heading For Disaster 6:51
9. World Is Lost 06:17
10. Final Ending 06:45

Marek Arnold (Toxic Smile, Seven steps to the green door, Flaming Row) - keyboards, sax, clarinet, electric wind instruments, programming
Larry Brödel  (Toxic Smile) - vocals
Ralf Dietsch (ex-Hidden Timbre) - guitar, mandoline
Denis Strasbourg - bass and arrangements
Litschko Clemens - drums, percussion
Manuel Schmid: (Stern Combo Meissen) vocals as Hologram
Amelie Hofmann: vocals as Alice
Saskia Brödel: additional vocals

This album is thematically based on the story of the book "The time machine" of H.G.Wells. Musically it features great melodies and vocal arrangements, and even the music works with some "additional" progressive time signatures and harmonic structures, its clearly focussed on the "songs"  - ranging from melancholic ballads to groovy rock. 



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