Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sungod "Contackt"

Country: USA
Sub GenreKrautrock, Space Rock, Psychedelic
LabelHolodeck Records
Release dateMarch 12, 2013
1.Mesa 04:39
2.Smell of Physiqal 08:52
3.Gas is Better than Gas 06:35
4.Opiate Fields and the Blazing Glory 03:49
5.Comrade Voyager 06:14
6.Gas (Version) 04:03
7.Third Reichel 06:15

Mike Sharp - Drums, Guitars, Guitars (acoustic), Moog Opus 3, SCI Six-Trak, Voice, Shakers
Braden Balentine - Guitars, Moog Opus 3, SCI Six-Trak, Hand drum, Piano

There are few bands that sound truly timeless, however the experience of listening to Sungod is like stepping outside the timeline of modern music. The list of influences that comes to mind throughout the procession of Contackt is daunting, as if the band has absorbed lifetimes of music into their consciousness. Metal, psychedelic-rock, prog, ambient, kraut-rock, and minimalism are all combined and tempered into a single multi-dimensional body. Genuinely gifted musicianship radiates out of this full length, spanning between heavy walls of shredding and refined ambient compositions. Warm beds of tonal harmony form a foundation for elastic-analog synth rhythms to playfully transverse the psyche, while lucid guitar solos slice through the mix with focused aggression, circling around each other in a disorienting cosmic smog. 



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