Thursday, March 21, 2013

Projected Twin "Earth Vs. World"

Country: Australia
Sub GenreProgressive Rock, Experimental
Release date: March 21, 2013
01. You Threw The Stone 05:35
02. The Ritual 10:18
03. Divine Intervention 06:04
04. Grab On Please 05:00
05. Sirens 03:58
06. Memo 00:54
07. Pain Of A Promise 09:57
08. This Cannot Mend 05:32

Shaun Holton: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Programming.
Cat Johns: Vocals, Keys, Programming.
Chris Lau: Guitar, Bass.
Luke Whelan: Drums, Water bottle blower'er.
David Polain : Trombone
Spoken word by: Marc Kaysen & Joanne Goetz

...Even though there are heavy moments, there’s no way you’d call it a metal album.  Nor it is a pop album, despite the melodic and structural sensibility.  It’s a rock album.  Hard rock, folk rock, pop rock, prog rock, whatever….in fact it’s all of the above. ...Speaking of Radiohead, fans of the same and indeed fans of any epic progressive music will enjoy this record.  There are elements of Tool, Cog, Karnivool, Opeth and, dare I say it, even Pink Floyd present here.  Reading through that list may make some of you think that this is mere art-rock wankery.  It most certainly is not!  As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of quieter and poppier moments to suit less experimental tastes...
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The Ritual

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