Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blue Cartoon "Are You Getting On?"

Country: USA
Sub GenreRetro Prog Pop/Rock
Release date: March 12, 2013
1) - Are You Getting On?
2) - Solo Rita
3) - Gray Horizon
4) - Remission
5) - Only Cowboy in Timbuktu
6) - Dreaming Beautiful Songs
7) - Pity Party
8) - Everyday's a Saturday
9) - Dreams of You
10) - Don't Hold Your Breath
11) - Light Ages
12) - High Desert Suite
13) - The Primrose Path

Terry Carolan - Guitars, keys, vocals
Lee Elliott - Bass, guitars, vocals
Dave Loren - Vocals, keys, ukelele
Mike Reynolds - Drums, percussion, typewriter
Jeff Tracy - Guitars, keys, vocals
Yochanan Winston - Flutes on Pity Party

This is what happens when you put 10cc, Bowie, Roxy Music, T. Rex, Pink Floyd, Rundgren, and Yes in a blender and push 'mix well'. 
Blue Cartoon is an unusual hybrid of power pop and progressive rock. Artistically, their sound has always revolved around the constants of well-written songs, strong instrumental arrangements and full vocal harmonies. Yet each musical offering is often dependent on the concept of the current album. The most recent release, 'Are You Getting On?' is an evocation of the classic glam/spacial/progressive/psychedelic recordings of the 70's. The British 70's. But somehow, it all sounds remarkably congruent with their previous works. Maybe the new one is not so much a re-direction... as it is a continuing evolution.
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