Sunday, March 10, 2013

PBII "1000Wishes"

Country: Netherlands
Sub GenreRock opera, Symphonic
Release date: March 10, 2013
1. Eric's Story Part I (2:17)
2. A Perfect Day (11:35)
3. Never Old (8:19)
4. White (4:37)
5. Eric's Dream (5:36)
6. Eric's Story Part II (1:25)
7. Lorian (4:12)
8. Land Of 1000 Wishes (10:51)
9. Evil Weed (2:29)
10. The Loss (4:50)
11. Reflections (4:13)
12. Into The Light (4:13)
13. Eric's Story Part III (1:34)
14. We Are Home (1:17)
15. Parental Thoughts (7:37)

Total time 75:05

Michel van Wassem - Keyboards / Vocals
Ronald Brautigam - Guitar / Vocals
Tom van der Meulen - Drums
Alex van Elswijk - Bass
Ruud Slakhorst - Vocals
Nathalie Mees - Soprano
Steve Hackett - Guitar
Hofstads Youth Orchestra (conductor Marcel Geraeds)

PBII once again focusses on a social issue. This time they've chosen the Stichting KiKa (“Kinderen Kankervrij” – Cancer-free children's foundation). The project is called 1000Wishes and it includes a rock opera, a music CD and an eponymous book. The lyrics of the rock opera and the CD are based on the story of nine-year old Eric who bravely enters into battle with cancer. A story about courage and victory.  The principal objective of this initiative is to raise money for the Stichting Kika through the proceeds of the rock opera and the sale of the CD and book.


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