Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Vikram "Behind The Mask I"

Country: Brazil
Genre(s): Oriental Progressive Metal
Label: Spiritual Beast (Japan)Rockshots Records - RSCD069 (world)
Format: CD, digital
Release date: September 18, 2019 (Japan), October 25, 2019 (world)
1. Taar (1:10)
2. The Mortal Dance Of Kali (6:04)
3. Requiem For Salem (6:02)
4. Burn In Hell (5:16)
5. Andaluzia (4:18)
6. Hassan Tower (6:39)
7. Forsaken Death (5:48)
8. Eyes Of Rá (5:20)
9. Gypsy Tragedy (5:01)
10. The Red Masquerade (6:13)
11. The Burden (4:32)
12. Shokran (5:00)
13. Prelude Of The End (4:48)
14. Behind The Mask I (4:36)
15. Behind The Mask I (Japanese version bonus track)

Total Time 70:47

Marcus Dotta - drums
Tiago Della Vega - guitars
Guilherme de Siervi - vocals
G. Morazza - bass
Tiago Zunino - keyboards
Saeko Kitamae – vocals (15)

Their music blends modern and progressive metal influences, epic movie scores, rhythms, harmonies and all kind of ethnic musical elements from cultures like Persian, Egyptian, Gypsy, Arab, Hindu and etc. "BEHIND THE MASK I" is a concept album, the first part of a trilogy, whose story is based on Nathaniel Frost’s  life and his travels through several eastern countries in a journey of self-knowledge. Each song tells the story of what Nathaniel faced and discovered in each culture.
Requiem for Salem
The Burden

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