Friday, September 6, 2019

Diagonal "ARC"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Canterbury, Psychedelic, Fusion
Label: Cobblers Records
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: September 6, 2019 (EU), September 29, 2019 (US)
1. 9-Green   
2. Stars Below   
3. Citadel   
4. The Spectrum Explodes   
5. Warning Flare   
6. Arc   
7. The Vital   
8. Celestia

Alex Crispin (Baron) - Organ, Electric Piano, Vocals
Luke Foster (Autumn Chorus, Baron) - Drums, Percussion
Ross Hossack - Synthesiser
Daniel Pomlett - Bass, Vocals
Nicholas Whittaker - Alto Saxophone, Vocals
David Wileman - Guitars


It’s a record that maintains their effortlessly chameleonic shifts through Canterbury scene-indebted progressive rock, pulsing motorik and the spaced-out jazz expression; but where it really thrives is in its sense of spontaneity, imbibed from the quick and organic way that it came about.
Arc is their most organic sounding effort to date. Noticeable changes have been made to the sound, with an increased presence of both vocals and acoustic instrumentation. Track ‘Stars Below’ sees the band explore their interests in jazz tinged folk, whereas ‘The Vital’ ends up somewhere in orbit around Talk Talk’s later work or an ECM recording. In contrast the tracks ‘The Spectrum Explodes’ and ‘9-Green’ boast tight grooves that shift and break as synths, sax and distorted guitar come to the fore.


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