Friday, March 22, 2019

Monograf "Nadir"

Country: Norway
Genre(s): Prog Folk, Post Rock
Label: Diger
Format: digital, vinyl
Release date: March 22, 2019
1. Grails (9:12)
2. Nadir (4:02)
3. The Golden Calf (9:01)
4. Intermission (3:47)
5. Horde (15:06)

Total Time 41:08

Erik Normann Sannes Aanonsen: Electric and acoustic guitar, vocals, double bass, Ebow, melodica (2), nyckelharpa (4)
Sunniva Molvær Ihlhaug: Fiddle, vocals
Hanna Sannes Aanonsen: Bass guitar, backing vocals
Erlend Markussen Kilane: Drums, backing vocals
Thomas Anda: Electric guitar
Ole Jørgen Reindal: Electric guitar & backing vocals (5)
Jon-Vetle Lunden: Drums (5)
Tåran Reindal: Vocals  (1, 3)
Ingvill Trydal: Hammond organ (1-3)
Håkon Oftung: Mellotron &Chamberlin (1)
Tore Hynnekleiv: Backing vocals (5)

Monograf are a band that have twisted the post-rock formula into something different, by the inclusion of progressive folk and rock elements, as well as proper lyrics and good voices to sing them. Hailing from Oslo, they channel Norwegian folk-like melodies and drones into their sound, using folk instruments such as the nyckelharpa and fiddles.
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