Friday, March 29, 2019

East Of The Wall "NP-Complete"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Post Metal, Progressive Metal
Label: Translation Loss
Format: vinyl, digital
Release date: March 29, 2019
1. Tell Them I'm Sorry (05:31)
2. Fast-Bang Pooper Doop (03:32)
3. The Almost People (07:36)
4. Somn 6 (04:51)
5. Lienholder (06:58)
6. Clapping on the Ones and Threes (08:02)
7. N of 1 (05:25)
8. Non-Functional Harmony (07:41)

Seth Rheam - Drums
Matt Lupo - Guitar, Trumpet, Synths, Vocals
Greg Kuter - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Keys - Guitar, Synths
Chris Alfano - Bass, Synths, Vocals

They have always reminded me a bit of bands like Mastodon, Cult of Luna and Intronaut but perhaps a bit more melodic.
“NP – Complete” finds the new lineup on the top of their game. The album has a big sound to it. It’s dense but still has plenty of atmosphere. Plus the songs really flow well which for me is the key to any album.
Read the full review by Rob at progressivemusicplanet.com


Fast-Bang Pooper Doop

Somn 6 

Clapping on the Ones and Threes 

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