Friday, March 22, 2019

Supersister Projekt 2019 "Retsis Repus"

Country: Netherlands
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Label: SOSS Music 
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: March 22, 2019 (CD, digital), April 5, 2019 (vinyl)
1. Memories Are New IV (3:26)
2. I Am You Are Me / Transmitter (4:44)
3. Sister Talk 1 (0:44)
4. For You And For Nobody Else (7:59)
5. Max Eco (3:00)
6. Hope To See You There Again (5:28)
7. Yellow Days (4:31)
8. Sister Talk 2 (0:35)
9. Next Door Movie (3:12)
10. Cuckoo (3:58)
11. Hope To See You Again (1:24)

Total Time 39:01

Robert Jan Stips (The Nits): Keyboards,Vocals (3,8)
Peter Calicher: Keyboards (7,9)
Bart Wijtman: Bass (1,2,4,9,10)
Rinus Gerritsen: Bass (5-7,11)
Bart van Gorp: Bass Trombone (1,4-7,9-11)
Cesar Zuiderwijk: Drums (5,7,10,11)
Leon Klaasse: Drums (2)
Marco Vrolijk: Drums (4)
Rob Kloet (The Nits): Drums (1,9,10)
Rob Wijtman: Drums (6)
Freek de Jonge: Narrator (10)
Junior Huigen: Trombone (1,4-7,11)
Marieke Brokamp: Violin (1,4-7,9-11)
Thijs Kramer: Violin (4-7,9-11)
Henk Hofstede (The Nits): Vocals (1,10)
Joke Geraets (The Nits): Vocals (1,10)

What may Supersisterhave sounded like in 2019? Written by Robert Jan Stips and performed by ‘Supersister Projekt 2019’, a new album ‘RETSIS REPUS’ is in the style of good old Supersister.
When Dutch television decided to make a documentary about Robert Jan, he took this as an opportunity to see if he – after some 50 years – still has what it takes to write the songs that would fit right into the musical mind-set of his first and legendary group Supersister.

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