Thursday, November 15, 2018

Jet Plane "Falls Feather"

Country: Russia
Genre(s): Instrumental Post Rock, Progressive Rock
Label: Ricco Label (Japan)
Format: digital
Release date:  November 15, 2018
1. All Through The Day (6:41)
2. Ocean (5:53)
3. Wildflowers (6:11)
4. Morendo (9:40)
5. Less (6:42)
6. Tea (9:44)

Total Time 44:51

Sergey Sapunov: Guitar
Maxim Berezko: Guitar
Dmitriy Bulavincev: Drums, Glockenspiel
Igor Zyuzko: Violin, Bagpipes, Piano, Voice
Konstantin Kiselev: Bass
Vladimir Zyuzko: Vocal (4)

Each of these tunes comes across as long and flowing events, where riffs and musical motifs are repeated over and over again with slight variations only to subtly shift into different riff and motif all the while building in tension and drama before relaxing in a pockets of soft sparse, soloing. It’s the kind of music that is dreamy one moment and earth shaking the next. The band’s style draws you into a world of their own making. Little bits of spoken word clips or sound effects add to the cinematic or soundtrack nature of the music. You’ll hear bits of symphonic prog, a little psychedelia, some ambient and more all blending into one another, weaving beautiful melodies and themes into some very attractive music. 
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