Friday, November 16, 2018

Sigh "Heir To Despair"

Country: Japan
Genre(s): Progressive Avant Metal
Label: Candlelight / Spinefarm Records
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: November 16, 2018
1. Aletheia (7:23)
2. Homo Homini Lupus (5:33)
3. Hunters Not Horned (6:47)
4. In Memories Delusional (6:17)
5. Heresy I: Oblivium (7:28)
6. Heresy II: Acosmism (1:45)
7. Heresy III: Sub Species Aeternitatis (2:26)
8. Hands of the String Puller (4:48)
9. Heir to Despair (10:15)

Total Time 52:42

Mirai Kawashima - Vocals, Keyboards, Taishōgoto, Flute, Piccolo
Satoshi Fujinami - Bass
Junichi Harashima - Drums
Dr. Mikannibal - Vocals, Alto Saxophone
You Oshima - Guitars
Phil Anselmo - Additional Vocals (2)
Kevin Kmetz - Shamisen

The term progressive metal can bring to mind some cringe-worthy images, among them Berklee dropouts making long sprawling songs with obtuse riffs written with one thing in mind — “How will this sound if I solo over it?“ What sets Sigh apart from such bands, aside from their black metal past, is that their sound actually progresses. It is not stagnant wanking. You know only to expect organized chaos when you go into one of their albums. So I should have not been surprised by the opening track of Heir To Despair (“Aletheia”) sounding like a space-age take on Jethro Tull as a metal band; it makes perfect sense.
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Homo Homini Lupus


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