Monday, November 5, 2018

Shadow Matter "Shadow Matter"

Country: Netherlands
Genre(s): Progressive Rock/Metal
Format: digital
Release date: November 5, 2018
1. Take Mine (4:28)
2. Ocean (4:16)
3. Slowburn (4:09)
4. Let It Flow (5:23)
5. Free Your Body (4:24)
6. A Fire, A Kiss (4:22)
7. Shoot Me Down (6:37)
8. Running (4:43)
9. Where Is The Girl (4:18)

Total Time 42:40

Gerben Gerrit Verhaar - Vocals
Remco de Jong - Guitars and Synths
Jeroen Herlaar - Bass
Buks Kemp - Bass
Johan van den Berg - Drums

All 9 tracks range around the 5-minute mark and with no long epics present the progressive touches are rather to be found in complexity, intensity and technical virtuosity of the songs. And it has to be said De Jong has succeeded in creating keen musical structures filled with a diverse style of riffs, hooks and ample varieties in similar vein as for instance Pain Of Salvation. Sprinkle this with a sniff of prog-metal like amongst others Savatage and touches of Tool, and you might get a notion off the directness and direction of Shadow Matter.
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