Friday, March 25, 2016

Our Solar System "In Time"

Country: Sweden
Genre(s): Instrumental Space Rock, Krautrock
Label: Beyond Beyond is Beyond
Format: digital, vinyl
Release date: March 25, 2016
1. In The Beginning Of Time (20:26)
2. At The Edge Of Time (23:13)

Total time 43:39

Anders Naess - acoustic guitar
Anna Juhlin - percussion
Anna Myrsten - piano
David Svedmyr - bass
Hampus Lindblad - synthesizer, percussion
Johan Svedmyr - drums
Mattias Gustavsson (Dungen) - bass
Joel Öhlund - oud
Mikael Lennholm - electric guitar
Martin Fogelström - electric guitar
Karin Engquist - organ
Säde Huhta - clarinet
Maria Arnqvist - saxophone
Lisa Isaksson - flute
Johanna Hessel Siims - violin
Josefina Pukitis - percussion

There would seem to be something playful, and possibly deceptive, about the title of Stockholm prog psychedelic outfit Our Solar System’s second album, In Time. It’s a phrase that, whether in a musical or even an appropriately astrological sense, indicates confines and regular rotations, even the absence of the abnormal. Yet “abnormal” could be the axis around which all planets in the Our Solar System galaxy revolve. For an album that so effortlessly delivers trance states in sound, the effect of In Time on the listener is likely to be one of orbiting far beyond those confines and regular rotations, toward a delirious detachment from the ticking trap of time.
In Time is essentially the work of thirty hands, creating two side-length tracks and forty-four minutes of sonic energy that serves as a vehicle to reach peak experience, alternately arriving and departing from control and abandon. Our Solar System seem interested in building bridges between worlds, and not just the already quite connected worlds of jazz, progressive rock and psychedelia – labels that represent the previously mentioned confines and regular rotations to which In Time pays little heed.
B-side “At the Edge of Time" is the album’s cosmic co-conspirator, slightly longer, slightly odder, and slightly more seductive than the A-side "In the Beginning of Time", in part given the mantra-like vocals that provide calm contrast to the musical meteor shower that’s crashing around them. This is the sound of Our Solar System at their astrological apex – exploratory, transcendent and joyous.
Within the confines of time, it’s appropriate to refer to In Time as an interstellar jazz-rock album, and an extraordinary one at that. Despite it’s title, you may come to believe that the true home of “In Time” is a place outside time’s confines, floating in space, surrounded by infinite stars and sounds, projecting an indefinable sound that’s boundless and beautiful.( revoltoftheapes.com)



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