Thursday, March 24, 2016

Autumnal Blossom "Spellbound"

Country: Germany
Genre(s): Prog Folk, Classical
Label: QuiXote Music
Format: CD, digital
Release date: March 24, 2016
1. Because I Could Not Stop For Death (5:40)
2. Memories Of A Child (4:48)
3. Eternally Not Yours (5:03)
4. Beguiling Masks (3:53)
5. Grey Masses (3:39)
6. My Blood (3:40)
7. Ravenous (6:40)
8. Secrets (4:01)
9. In These Rooms (5:27)
10. Paradise (8:31)

Total time 51:22

Pia Darmstaedter - vocals, flute, piano, keyboards
Philipp Jaehne (Poor Genetic Material) - organ, synthesizers
Jochen Bauer – guitar
Frank Willi Schmidt - bass, singing saw
Christoph Czech - drums, percussion
Maria Karch – violin
Valeria Lo Giudice – cello
Mark Beers - double bass
Olaf Gramlich - english horn

The new album Spellbound deals with a complex web of topics like love, passion, pain, memory, eternity and the quest of finding oneself. The album’s lyrics form a fictitious journal of memories that have left their mark on life and come alive again. The listeners may recognize themselves in this journal and can join a journey through the human soul - in spite (or because?) of a chain of borderline experiences and a number of tragic elements with a decidedly optimistic message.
Spellbound is a mixture of biography, fiction and reality - never forgotten episodes, immortalized by memory, adding up to hope and the affirmation of life.

Memories of a Child
My Blood 

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