Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dyscordia "Words In Ruin"

Country: Belgium
Genre(s)Progressive Metal
Label: Road Mark Productions
Format: CD, digital
Release date: March 5, 2016
1. Templum Creationis (1:00)
2. Harlequin's Grief (5:03)
3. Bail Me Out (6:31)
4. Reveries (5:20)
5. A Perfect Day (4:35)
6. Never Will (6:41)
7. Sacred Soil Of Souls (3:08)
8. The Masquerade (6:30)
9. Chthonic Star (5:39)
10. Words Of Fortune (7:55)

Total Time 52:22

Wouter Nottebaert - Bass, Backing Vocals
Wouter Debonnet - Drums
Stefan Segers - Guitars, Vocals
Guy Commeene Lead Guitars
Martijn Debonnet - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Piet Overstijns - Vocals

To start their new album, the band has opted for an instrumental track called 'Templum Creationis', a calling card is hereby granted and the right tone is immediately deployed. Being a fan of outstanding guitar chops myself for decades, the band's three axemen knows how to touch me right away. In fact, each one in the Dyscordia ranks are so damn well skilled, total satisfaction is on my side ! Next song 'Harlequin's Grief' can be regarded as first full song and believe me on my word, it's a very sophisticated-skill loaded one. Listening to it, they fully realize the term 'Progressive Metal' with bravura. A mighty strong composition starring six musicians in utmost concentration while performing their duties. The combination of Piet Overstijn's strong/clean vocal lines and Stefan Segers' death grunts add value to the overall package... it contagiously works out as it should be. This second, full technical and melodic track scores high marks on all fronts !

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Chthonic Star

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