Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Red Bazar "Tales from The Bookcase"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
LabelWhite Knight Records
Format: CD
Release date: March 22, 2016
1. In The Beginning (3:00)
2. Queen Of The Night Part 1. (6:54)
3. Calling Her On. (11:01)
4. City And The Stars (8:34)
5. Lights Of Home (12:24)
6. Sunset For A New World (7:59)
7. Almost Over (11:04)
8. Queen Of The Night Part 2 (12:17)

Total time 73:13
Andy Wilson - Guitar
Paul Comerie - Drums
Mick Wilson - Bass
Gary Marsh - Keyboards
Peter Jones (Tiger Moth Tales) - Vocals

 Appropriately, given the origins of the band, the opening track of the album is an instrumental piece, In the Beginning serving as an introduction for the dramatic story of Queen of the Night, Part 1. Whilst it is not a single concept the main lyrical theme of the album is derived from books and novels, hence the title Tales from the Bookcase. Queen of the Night bookends the album, based on the tragic story of Eugenia in Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes story The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger. This piece opens with a heavy rock theme pounded out by Andy Wilson’s guitar and Peter Jones’ remarkably powerful vocals. We are a long way from the pastoral, softer feel of Tiger Moth Tales’ Cocoon as Jones displays a voice that could easily front any respectable heavy rock band. However, he shows his versatility as he switches vocal tones between the softer narration into the demonic proclamations of the evil ringmaster of this sinister travelling circus. These changes in colour and tone in the piece are also deftly imagined in the equally adept ability of the band to change the direction and atmosphere in the music.
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