Friday, September 25, 2015

Wucan "Sow The Wind"

Country: Germany
Genre(s)Retro Prog, Hard Rock, Stoner
LabelMetalizer Records, MiG Music
FormatCD, digital, vinyl
Release dateSeptember 25, 2015
1. Father Storm (3:57)
2. Owl Eyes (5:50)
3. Looking In The Past (5:42)
4. Face In The Kraut (4:15)
5. King Korea (7:03)
6. Wandersmann (15:45)

Total time 42:32

Francis Tobolsky - Vocals, Flute, Guitar, Theremin
Tim - Guitar
Patrik - Bass
Leo Vaessen - Drums

Opening track "Father Storm" busts out of the traps like an express train, guitar and flute riffing in unison over a backdrop of solid drum and bass and bringing to mind memories of Jethro Tull classic "Locomotive's Breath" well that is until you hear the sublime bluesy tones of Francis on vocals. Powerful and blessed with a tone somewhere between Blues Pills Elin Larsson and Royal Thunder's Miny Parsonz, she infuses the song with a bluesy grit that shatters any further Tull comparisons that may be made.
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