Friday, September 18, 2015

Australasia "Notturno"

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Instrumental Post Rock
LabelApocalyptic Witchcraft
FormatCD, digital
Release dateSeptember 18, 2015
1. Nebula (1:39)
2. Eden (6:05)
3. Kern (4:27)
4. Creature (5:25)
5. Invisibile (3:46)
6. Haxo (2:39)
7. Amnesia (5:35)
8. Lumen (3:38)
9. Notturno (4:07)

Total time 37:21

Gian Spalluto

Here's a band that definitely deserves the preposition 'post' and at times it's not even sure there has to be 'metal' behind it.  Other prepositions are 'atmospheric' and (mostly) 'instrumental' and as far as I'm concerned, nothing really beats 'atmospheric instrumental post-whatever'. ...
After a brief atmospheric into, we're slowly being drenched into the dark but beautiful world of Australasia.  'Eden' comes up with the layers of guitars, the epic drums and touches of of synths.  Although the whole is pretty heavy, hence the 'blackened' prefix, there's an enourmous amount of melody, harmonics and soundscapes.  The purely electronic bits are hypnotising and when the guitars come in again, the whole turns into a trance-inducing post-rock anthem.
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