Friday, September 11, 2015

Diatessaron "Sunshine"

Country: Canada
Genre(s)Alternative Progressive Rock/Pop
Release dateSeptember 11, 2015
1. All The Way (3:33)
2. Deexister (6:06)
3. Sky Blue (4:30)
4. In The End (5:02)
5. The Place Where The Sun Never Sets (3:59)
6. The Hummingbird (5:21)
7. Sunshine Chorale (0:46)
8. Sunshine, Pt. I: Sunshine (4:52)
9. Sunshine, Pt. II: The Horizon (6:55)
10. Sunshine, Pt. III: Never Ends (8:06)
11. Moonshine (4:59)

Simon TJ  - Vocals
Carl Janzen - Guitars
Darren Young - Guitars
Erik Smistad  - Bass Guitar
Stephan Bots  - Drum Kit
Erik Smistad - Organ (1)
Felicity Hall, Eric Svilpis - Clapping  (1)
Noah Michael, Eric Svilpis, Karen Zurek - Gang Vocals  (3, 9)

The debut full-length album from Calgary prog rockers Diatessaron is a fiercely emotional journey through the stages of loss and recovery. Lead single "All The Way" is a Motown-inflected pop song about passage into the afterlife, while "Sky Blue" is a frenetic number about coping with the loss of a loved one. At the heart of the album is the "Sunshine" trilogy, a set of songs that gradually weave together a fractured melody for a final, joyous refrain. It is a slow transformation that assures time heals all, just as the dusk is erased by dawn.Read the full review by at


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