Sunday, July 12, 2015

Square ".​.​.​for need and love of bystanders"

Country: Canada
Genre(s)Progressive Rock
Release dateJuly 12, 2015
1. Red (3:37)
2. Casualties (4:53)
3. Bearded Lady (6:26)
4. Fingers In The Dirt (4:06)
5. Persimmon (4:53)
6. Transportation (4:02)
7. In A Silent Car (6:54)

Steven Boehm - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Programming, Trumpet
Max Rush - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Tomas Andel - Percussion, Vocals, Keyboards, Programming

In their first release, Square has put together a solid performance in “…For Need And Love Of Bystanders,” a softer take on alternative and math rock with progressive influences sprinkled on top. The “softness” of the album doesn’t begin at the album’s start, though, considering the Rush-sounding guitar riffs, the Yes-influenced keyboards, and Brandon Boyd/Casey Crescenzo-esque vocals of “Red.” This 35 minute album has its fair share of ups and downs, providing a coherent flow only captured in the best storytellers. It’s all too fitting that “…For Need…” follows a concept of sorts, reflecting on uncertain changes, untimely endings, and the help desired from others during time of crises (Thanks Tomas for the interpretation!). The listener is brought on an emotional journey as they follow the injured and wounded “protagonist” from song to song.
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