Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sparrow "Skin And Bone"

Country: USA
Genre(s)Progressive Metal
FormatCD, digital, vinyl
Release dateJune 30, 2015
1. A Mountain Ahead (3:34)
2. Sisyphus Was Late Again (3:23)
3. Out Of Reach (3:56)
4. Life's Passengers (4:09)
5. 476 (3:21)
6. Skin And Bone (4:13)
7. Regret (3:38)
8. Waiting In Line (3:43)
9. Icarus (5:34)
10. Secular Haze [orig. By Ghost] (5:19)

Total Time 40:50

Alex Duddy - Vocals
Timbus - Guitar, electronica
Kevin Dixon - Bass
Tyler Frenzel - Drums

"Skin and Bone," the debut album from L.A. band Sparrow, combines multiple elements and styles, to form an infectious blend of melody and heaviness. The album stands out in a sea of repetitive, overproduced, and overdone technical instrument wankery.
 Opening with a synth carnivalesque theme, accompanied by heavy guitar, bass, and drums, the album instantly draws in the listener. The vocals are clean and audible, with an edge that fits the musical stylings very well. A haunting intro soon bleeds into punk and rock styles within the first song "A Mountain Ahead."
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