Sunday, July 5, 2015

Opposite Day "Space Taste Race, Pt. 2"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Progressive Rock/Pop
Format: CD, digital
Release dateJuly 5, 2015
1. Drake Equation (2:06)
2. Golden Age Of Saturn (1:45)
3. AI IOU (3:02)
4. Air And Food (4:03)
5. Hammer Out Skeletons (1:36)
6. Occulus Maria (1:35)
7. The Extent To Which Nothing Is Real (3:44)
8. Helios Panoptes (2:18)
9. Underground Veneralia (1:53)
10. Insectoid Regicide (2:22)
11. The Revolution Of The Soul Force (3:09)
12. Airtight Chariot (2:29)
13. Fictional Astrobiology (3:13)
14. Tentacles Pull Down The Sky (3:31)
15. Theia (4:40)

Total time 41:26

Greg Yancey: Bass, vocals, keyboards
Pat Kennedy: Drums, percussion, Octapad
Sam Arnold: Guitars, lead vocals, keyboards

This Austin fusion, power trio can take you out of your seat, by broaching multiple rock sub-genres in the most graceful way, with seamless time changes that become a canvas for killer jazz guitar melodies, funky bass lines, punk and/ or metal patterns in the drums, and then it all changes again, and the world of progressive rock says, “Thank you.”
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