Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lost Kite "Lost Kite"

Country: Sweden
Sub Genre: Instrumental Alternative, Progressive Rock
Release dateOctober 7, 2012
  1. A Walk - 13:19
  2. Sails Across The Sky - 9:32
  3. The Hopoo's Call - 4:31
  4. With Eyes Wide Open - 15:30
David Carlsson - acoustic 12-string guitar, electric 12-string guitar (track 3), Spanish guitar, voice
Stefan Carlsson - acoustic and electric 6-string guitars, bass, guitar synthesizer, electronic drums


Lost Kite gives us some very nice instrumental melodic and reflective Prog music, in a variety (but not too distant) of seventies inspired styles. For example, the first piece "A Walk" offers hints of Marillion (and also Gazpacho) but also of Tales From Topographic Oceans' era Yes. Yet, on With "Eyes Wide Open" I hear more of a Mike Oldfield influence, and so on. I must say that these references are all very subtle. Some listeners will notice others, and some won't aggree at all with what I perceive, because the music on Lost Kite is very original and creative, even though it does stay near some well travelled (and loved) roads. Lost Kite is a "father/son" project and I can only guess they consider it to be a labor of love. Still, I am very much impressed by the quality of this CD. Fans of melodic 70's inspired Prog music should certainly take a listen. Nice stuff indeed. (Marc Roy, Proggnosis.com)


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