Monday, October 29, 2012

Crowned In Earth "A Vortex of Earthly Chimes"

Country: UK
Sub GenrePsychedelic, Space Rock, Doom, Retro Prog
LabelBlack Widow Records
Release date: October, 2012
1. Ride the Storm 12:20
2. Watch the Waves 11:30
3. World Spins Out of Key 5:51
4. Winter Slumber 6:10
5. Given Time 11:26

Kevin Lawry – Vocals, guitars, bass & keyboards
Darin McCloskey – Drums
Brian J Anthony – Mellotron

The epic new songs retain Crowned In Earth’s trademark low end groove but have now been textured with innovative arrangements and melodic instrumental passages, familiar of Camel, Pink Floyd and Atomic Rooster. ‘A Vortex of Earthly Chimes’ will take you back to the wonderful days of the early 70’s Decca and Charisma Record labels releases, fused with a blend of sterling psychedelic Doom inspired rock. Thus creating Crowned In Earth a distinct sound of their own. For (not only) fans of Black Sabbath, Camel, Cathedral, Electric Wizard, Genesis, Pentagram and Van Der Graaf Generator.
World Spins Out Of Key
Ride The Storm (Edit)


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