Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Listing Ships "The Hayling Island Sessions"

Country: UK
Sub Genreinstrumental Krautrock, Post Rock, Art Rock
LabelIdle Fret Records (vinyl)
Release dateOctober 23, 2012 (digital), May 27, 2013  (vinyl)
1. Alba Adriatica (5:44)
2. Baychimo (3:47)
3. American Steam Company (5:14)
4. Then Venice Sank (5:00)
5. The 100 Gun Ship (4:26)
6. Equus Ager (4:40)
7. Nutcracker Six (1:27)
8. 100 Tonne (Rackham remix) (04:49)
9. 100 Gun Ship (Karhide Bass Bass remix) (03:30)

Mike Bingham - guitars, keyboards
Stuart Fowkes - bass, keyboards
Jim Hey - guitars
James Pamphlion - drums

Listing Ships are an Oxford-based, nautically-inspired instrumental post-krautrock band. Everything about their songs reflects the band’s obsession with ships and the sea, from the titles and samples collected everywhere from Venice to Blackpool, right down to the songs’ very construction, based upon and often built around tales of the sea.
Musically, Listing Ships take inspiration from classic krautrock like Can, Harmonia, Neu!, Ash Ra Tempel; sample-heavy, intricate electronica like Boards of Canada, Amon Tobin, Seefeel; expansive, exploratory guitar music like Tarentel,The Alps, Collections of Colonies of Bees; kings of the soundtrack world like Clint Mansell and Krzysztof Penderecki.


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