Thursday, February 4, 2021

Sons of Birches "Wooden Head and several more scenarios"

Country: Canada 
Genre(s): Psychedelic
Label: Sour Orange Records
Format: CD, digital
Release date: March 1, 2021
  1. Wooden Head Parts 1 to 3
  2. Valley of the Skids
  3. Cosmic, Girl
  4. Variations on the Title Theme from the Situation Comedy "Parks and Recreation"
  5. Evil Mofo
  6. Forest Floor
  7. Lost Johnny/We Took the Wrong Step Years Ago 
  8. Radigue Got the Bass/Mama Just Wants to Rothko Chapel All Night Long
  9. Song of the Tastemaker
  10. We Didn't Want This Future
  11. Chime On, You Crazy Dronehards
Allister Thompson (The Gateless Gate) - all instruments, vocals

A psychedelic prog rock album with an uncommon sense of humor. The album opens with the tripartite title track, a hypnotic and catchy affair that variously recalls The Velvet Underground with a dash of the more modern Spiritualized for good measure and is followed by the darker "Valley of the Skids" which describes an encounter at a seedy diner. The curveballs come with track 4, which is a hilariously serious treatment of the Parks and Rec. theme song. Really, Wooden Head has many moods and tones, like the righteous fury of "Evil Mofo" which skewers capitalists, or the charming and barbed "Song of the Tastemaker," which is a caricature of an impossible to please critic. "We Didn't Want This Future" returns to the hypnotic rock of the title track to spin a yarn about a robot apocalypse. Sons of Birches' tongues are firmly in their cheeks, but they aren't afraid to have fun. This album has a bit of something for everyone, and a generous helping of psychedelic effects to please fans of the genre.
Song of the Tastemaker

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