Thursday, February 18, 2021

Egor Lappo "Trancevoicer"

Country: Russia
Genre(s)Progressive Rock/Metal
Format: digital
Release date: March 19, 2021
1 - The Renegade
2 - Dreamworld
3 - Turncoat Allies
4 - Contention
5 - The Mask of Kindness
6 - Ship 1426
7 - Under the W
8 - Sparks in the Night
9 - On Such a Sad Note
10 - With You

Egor Lappo - Everything

To sum up the album's sound, it's basically what would happen if Ghost were inspired by Rush instead of Blue Oyster Cult, and if Devin Townsend took the producer's seat. Trancevoicer is equal parts catchy and otherworldly. The earworm vocal melodies pair nicely with the wormhole created by Egor's cosmic synths and extraterrestrial guitar solos. This new album is a space prog-metal concept record about two warring worlds. The story follows a renegade who decides to betray his home planet to save another one from occupation after a cosmic catastrophe. Through his journey, other turncoats join him in pursuit of a detached but peaceful life. Both worlds reach the brink of destruction in the end: one from stubbornness, mistrust and solar flares, and another from possession, greed and wars.
The Mask of Kindness


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