Saturday, May 9, 2020

The Bloody Mallard "Realm"

Country: UK
Genre(s)Instrumental Psychedelic, Eclectic Progressive Rock
Format: vinyl, digital
Release date: May 8, 2020
1. Haemoglobin (11:24)
2. Subject To Entropy (4:22)
3. Reversion (2:10)
4. Noble Rot (4:54)
5. Ceremonious Synapses (i) (6:51)
6. Ceremonious Synapses (ii) (6:22)
7. Dawn (3:12)

Total Time 39:15

Tom Walding – Guitar
Raihan Ruben – Bass
Jake Bradford-Sharp – Drums

The opening number of the album, Haemoglobin, begins with a delicate acoustic instrumental introduction that reminds me, of all things, of early Queen. That’s not a bad thing because I love early Queen, but I am reminded of Brian May’s dulcet tones for the first minute or so, before the piece turns into a strange hybrid reminiscent of early King Crimson and later Tool, through a filter of doom. Then some really nifty bass, after which we can introduce some classic stoner, a la Kyuss, yet remaining Crimsonesque all the while. Confused, yet? Well just wait a little, because the band are about to throw some post-rock in the mix too. This is a glorious combobulation – and I don’t know that there is such a word, but there should be, and The Bloody Mallard should be the definition as they manage to bring together something cohesive out of what appears to be a state of confusion and disarray. 
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