Friday, April 26, 2019

Isbjörg "Iridescent"

Country: Denmark
Genre(s): Progressive/Alternative Rock
Format: vinyl, digital
Release date: April 26, 2019
1. Supine (5:55)
2. Sonder (1:11)
3. Illuvea (5:18)
4. Petrichor (4:33)
5. Needles (5:58)
6. While The Sunlight Grace The Mourning (3:42)
7. The Curtains Slowly Rise (5:03)
8. Stockholm Reversed (6:14)
9. Dimmie (8:26)

Total Time 46:20

Frederik Ølund Uglebjerg - Drums
Mathias Schouv Kjeldsen - Bass
Mathias Bro Jørgensen - Piano
Lasse Gitz Tingholm - Guitar
Dines Dahl Karlsen - Guitar
Niklas Jespersen - Vocals

 The music on Iridescent, in its heavier sections, nods in the direction of Riverside or Porcupine Tree, and in its moments of emotional song-based prog, towards recent Anathema and a less dramatic Von Hertzen Brothers. But this is a just a guide to the kind of band they are, as it is truly the case that Isbjörg’s Iridescent has its own identity, as it explores their song-based, piano led, progressive rock.
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