Friday, April 5, 2019

Semistereo "Zabriskii"

Country: Netherlands
Genre(s)Alternative/Progressive/Post Rock
LabelFREIA Music
FormatCD, digita
Release date: April 4, 2019
1. Last Part Of The Trail
2. Leap Into Flames
3. Crooked Teeth Necklace
4. A Tale Of Ravenous Longing
5. Tide
6. Wreckage
7. Lethargic
8. South Of Sobriety Street

Paul Glandorf (Alarion): lead vocals
Martijn Weyburg (A Day’s Work): guitars, backing vocals, programming
Frank Weijers: guitars
Max Mastrangeli: bass, piano
Marcel van de Graaf : drums, percussion

Semistereo absorbs its surroundings, combines the metropolitan structures with the passionate expansiveness of the Dutch Polder, translating this to sound and resulting in what can best be described as a refreshing crossover between Post and Progressive Rock.   Their songs are constructed from various elements: strong melodies, organic grooves, atmospheric soundscapes and biting voluminous eruptions. An intricate process, similar to the way a Japanese master swordsmith forges a "Saijo Owazamono", layer by layer ... Semistereo is at times whimsical and unpredictable, but always "in your face". In their lyrics, themes like social alienation and the horrors of technological progress are not shunned. 

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