Friday, April 26, 2019

Lost in Kiev "Persona"

Country: France
Genre(s): Instrumental Post Rock
LabelPelagic Records
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release dateApril 26, 2019
1. Persona
2. Lifelooper®
3. The Incomplete
4. XM3216
5. Pygmalion
6. Mindfiles
7. Psyche
8. Thumos
9. Mecasocialis

Yoann Vermeulen - drums, samples
Maxime Ingrand - guitar, synth
Jean Christophe Condette - bass, synth
Dimitri Denat - guitar

Persona sees LOST IN KIEV further expand their own idiosyncratic take on cinematic, contemporary post-rock. "The main challenge with this record was how to write more direct and shorter post rock tracks with the same intensity as our previous, longer compositions," guitarist Maxime Ingrand explains, "and also finding the right balance between traditional post rock, the addition of synths and machines, and the texts for the film." LOST IN KIEV have always been one of the few truly suggestive post rock bands: they do lack a vocalist, and yet their music is prosaic, cinematic, and deeply saturated with anecdotes, philosophical reflections and stories.



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