Friday, March 31, 2017

Kafod "Pasos"

Country: Chile
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: CD, digital
Release date: March 2017
1. Cada vez
2. Respirar Bajo El Agua
3. Buscando Felicidad
4. Story Of Our Lives
5. Consciente
6. Pasos
7. Ventana
8. Alas
9. Por Ti
10. Toki

Carlos Cruz - vocals, guitars, bass, loop machines
Paula Demarco - vocals, keyboards
Lucas Carrasco - electric guitars
Esteban Silva - drums, percussion
Juan Salvador Cruz Demarco - drums

Kafod has two drummers: Esteban Silva, another young musician who recently joined this promising musical project, and Juan Salvador Cruz Demarco, son of Carlos and Paula, who is barely seven years old and has been the band’s drummer since he was only five years old. It is impossible to ignore the exceptional abilities of young Juan Salvador on the drums, His skill has caught the attention of many viewers. Even Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason shared a video of the band playing ‘Another Brick in the Wall‘, which catapulted him into international recognition.
Read the full review by David Hernández at  worldprognation.com (English version by Alfredo Irahetaat)


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