Friday, March 17, 2017

Tree Tops "Ghosts Don't Dance with Shoes"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Fusion, Progressive Rock
Format: CD, digital
Release date: March 17, 2017
1. Confunktivitis (7:38)
2. Dancefloors (7:22)
3. Stonefacin (5:46)
4. Overcoats (4:35)
5. Fly Like Pigeons (4:10)
6. Pigeons In Space (12:59)
7. Drugs (9:09)
8. Stonefacin (Reprise) (1:57)
9. Towers (6:29)

Total Time 60:05

Jon Mann - drums, percussion
Cory Smith - guitar, vocals
David Webb - guitar, vocals
Chris Pope - keys
Jack Willard - bass

Ghosts Don't Dance with Shoes is, above all else, a rock album. However, the band infuses funk, soul, progressive rock, post rock, and jam sensibilities into its sound to create something that even they struggle to define. Some might say they are "beyond category", but Cory, Jon, and David are conscious of never taking themselves too seriously, because attitudes like that tend to crowd the dance floor, which is a major no-no. Tree Tops' Ghosts Don't Dance with Shoes is an album with a little something that everyone can get down to.
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