Friday, March 10, 2017

Synaptik "Justify & Reason"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Progressive Metal
Label: Divebomb Records (DIVE129)
Format: CD, digital
Release date: March 10, 2017
The CD version includes a remixed debut album, The Mechanisms of Consequence, as a second disc.
CD 1
1. The Incredible Machine (6:13)
2. Human Inhuman (6:27)
3. Conscience (8:45)
4. White Circles (6:18)
5. Esc Ctrl (7:17)
Bonus CD tracks:
7. A Man Dies
8. As I Am as I Was
9. I Am the Ghost (Intro)
10. Your Cold Dead Trace

CD 2 "The Mechanisms Of Consequence" Brain Spark Edition
1. Truths That Wake
2. A Man Dies
3. I Am The Ghost
4. Your Cold Dead Trace
5. Irresistible Shade
6. Vacancy Of Mind
7. As I Am, As I Was
8. Utopia In Our Eyes
9. All Lies
10. Allies
11. Your Cold Dead Trace (Tecchio Mix)

John Knight – Vocals
Ian Knight – Guitar
Kev Jackson – Bass
Pete Loades – Drums
Jack Murton – Lead Guitars

Opening track, ‘The Incredible Machine’ kicks into action furiously with rich melodic vocals from vocalist, John Knight to accompany the intricate guitars and changeable backdrop. The intelligible transitions quickly show their talent and craftsmanship and prove they run a tight ship, with all the rights cogs turning in unison, coming together to amass to six minutes of epicness. Luckily they grip you and give you many ‘reasons’ to keep listening…
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