Friday, May 12, 2017

Miriodor "Signal 9"

Country: Canada
Genre(s): Avant-Prog
LabelCuneiform Records (Rune 438)
Format: CD, вigital
Release date: May 12, 2017
1. Venin
2. Peinturé dans le Coin
3. Transit de Nuit à Jakarta
4. Portrait-robot
5. Déboires à Munich
6. Chapelle Lunaire
7. Cryogénie
8. Passage Secret
9. Gallinule d'Amérique
10. Douze Petites Asperges
11. Le Ventriloque et le Perroquet

Bernard Falaise - guitars, keyboards, turntable
Pascal Globensky - keyboards, synths, piano
Rémi Leclerc - drums, percussion, electronics
Nicolas Lessard - bass, double bass, keyboards

Picking up where the most recent coded message from planet Miriodor, 2013's Cobra Fakir, left off, Signal 9 arrives like an invitation to an otherworldly voyage. Each track marks another twist and turn in a journey across strange, captivating landscapes populated by creatures, crafts, and constructions whose like has never been glimpsed outside the band's idiosyncratic ecosystem.
And while Miriodor often forges some of their heaviest sounds to date over the course of Signal 9, the album is also loaded with off-the-wall humor and some beautiful, contemplative melodic moments. The combination makes for some crafty contrasts, frequently flipping back and forth drastically from one mood to another multiple times within a single composition for a jarring-but-thrilling effect. 

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