Friday, May 26, 2017

Mysterious Clouds "Panic On The Noon Meridian"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Psychedelic 
LabelHaymaker Records (HAY013-CS / HAY013-CD)/Whatever Forever Tapes (W4E037)
Format: CD, digital, cassette
Release date: May 26, 2017
1. Clear Refection (6:21)
2. Leave The Sun By 3 (3:54)
3. Cosmic Discovery (0:59)
4. Schrif Moves Slowly At 8 (2:50)
5. Interdivide (3:56)
6. 610 Half Life: End Of ID (4:35)
7. 7PM Dissolve (2:25)
8. Visions Of 10 (1:38)
9. 1158 Cosmic Time (2:29)
10. Panic On The Noon Meridian (2:25)
11. Holding Panic Tight (5:57)
12. In The Shadows At 1 (6:17)

Total Time 43:46

Dedric Moore - bass, guitars, vocals, programming, percussion, keyboards
Delaney Moor - keyboards, synths, vocals, guitars, percussion
Mika Tayana - drums, percussion, keyboards, guitars
Aaron Osborne - drums, percussion, bass
Matthew Hayden - drums, percussion
Adam Davies - guitar
 Zach Bozich - keyboards, synths

Mysterious Clouds was created to explore various forms of psychedelic music and the darker elements of nature with inspirations from 60’s Italian cinema, 70’s British TV action music, San Francisco hippie psychedelic rock, garage rock, and post-punk. The group’s latest offering, Panic on the Noon Meridian, explores the swirls of shoegaze rock, the space exploration of psychedelia, and the drone of ambient music while searching for inner truth in the cultural chaos. Like previous EPs Vibrations Shake the Path and Clear Reflection, the group continues to build on the fuzzed-out guitars, booming bass, and synthesizer-driven leads that define psychedelic rock. The difference, however, lies in the mood of the album – Panic on the Noon Meridian is a dark body of work, reflecting the changing times and turmoil in hearts, mind, and country.


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