Friday, April 29, 2016

Habu "Infinite"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: CD, digital
Release date: April 29 , 2016
1. Truth And Illusion (4:15)
2. A Thing Called Evil (5:39)
3. Dead Weight (4:40)
4. Heavy Chains (4:53)
5. Measure Of A Man (5:33)
6. Eat The Sun! (2:58)
7. Isn't This Where We Came In? (1:55)
8. Grain By Grain (4:21)
9. Infinite (8:06)

Total Time 42:20

Alex Body - Bass guitar, lead vocals, keyboards, synth
Andy Clarke - Guitars, all backing vocals
Alex Dunbar - Drums and percussion

Just listening to the opening riff of “Truth and Illusion” is like unearthing an early 80s prog classic (think keyboards-era Rush, only British). That element is brought out in its melodies, but especially by the album’s analogue production. By keeping the instrumentation warm and collective, the vocals don’t come off as showy and the limelight is centered on the band as a whole. All three members showcase a balanced dynamic between one another, which is a crucial component not only in making a progressive record, but delivering an authentic performance. Up next is “A Thing Called Evil,” which bears a strong initial resemblance to Subdivisions, but then explores its own ground for pacing and experimentation. Both songs so far demonstrate a solid thematic focus, the first observing fickle behavior amidst trying times, and this song of once-dormant emotions being unleashed in the heat of anger. Bridging the gap between these themes is a harmonic bass foundation hitting all the sensible notes, while the guitar hooks sustain a sufficient catchiness. Again, that energy is showcased competently on “Dead Weight”. 
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