Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hess and Franzen “UST Vol. 01”

Country: UK
Sub GenreSymphonic, Soundtrack, Instrumental
Release date: August 14, 2012
1. Ignorance Is A Blessing 03:21
2. Oblivion 02:24
3. The Cat Is Out Of The Bag 02:48
4. We Are Not The Only Game In Town 03:02
5. Height Of Arrogance 02:22
6. In Our Orbit 03:57
7. Strangers In The Sky 03:54
8. A Nice Place Called Earth 03:01
9. Fear Of The Developer 03:04
10. Death Blow 03:30
11. 2 Billion In The First Minutes 03:02
12. Whoosh...Whoosh...Whoosh 03:24
13. Let's Go! Move! 03:05
14. Asymmetric Warfare 03:05
15. Forget Lasers And Robots 03:01
16. Their Weapons Are Our Own Bodies 05:32
17. Thunder Well 04:27
18. 42 Miles Per Second Plate 02:45

Hans Hess & Renan Franzen

UST Vol 01 is a conceptual sci-fi action soundtrack for a non-existent movie (hence the name Unofficial Sound Track).
     Fans of music from the Enid or Karda Estra will thoroughly enjoy the music on UST Vol. 01. It’s most definitely symphonic in nature.
     UST Vol. 01 features 18 tracks, roughly 59 minutes of music and each of the tracks is relatively short, most around 3-minutes or so. So what you have here, much like any traditional soundtrack, are pieces of music that strive to set a mood or create a mental image, which they do quite well. I couldn’t help myself while listening to start imagining some sort of cinematic scene. In fact I started to play out my own movie, piecing the compositions together to create the story line. Interesting thing is my movie kept changing with each listen. The duo have packed the guitars in their cases and dug out a couple more keyboards in their quest to create these highly orchestrated vignettes. If you didn’t know better, so good are the digital sounds these days, you’d think you were listening to real instruments: all the sounds are there, French Horns, Oboes, cellos, flutes, strings, harps…it’s quite wonderful.
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