Friday, August 31, 2012

Betrayal at Bespin "Rains"

Country: Finland
Sub GenreAmbient, Post Rock, Post Metal
Release dateAugust 31, 2012

01. Strange Days (05:34)
02. Cherbourg (06:07)
03. Atlantic (05:19)
04. She Had A Death Wish (02:21)
05. Slow Dance (05:12)
06. Marie Celeste (05:00)
07. This Place Is Death (03:41)
08. My Hands Are On Fire (05:23)
09. Ocean Rain (03:23)
10. Moon River (07:17)


Eero Hammais, Heikki Hyvänen, Jaakko Lehtinen, Juho Leppänen, Lauri Mattelmäki, Juho Rantanen, Kristian Soini

     Additional musicians:
Bass clarinet and additional baritone & tenor sax on Strange Days and Moon River by Markus Pajakkala
Trumpet on Atlantic and Ocean Rain by Lauri Nykänen
Violin on Strange Days, Cherbourg, Atlantic, Slow Dance and Marie Celeste by Jaakko Mattelmäki and Liisi Uusitalo, Cello by Teemu Mastovaara
Upright bass on Slow Dance by Kari Ylinen
Additional vocals on Slow Dance by Noora Leppänen
Backing vocals on Strange Days by Pekka Nisu

Betrayal at Bespin is a seven-piece band hailing from Finland, harbouring a unique and eclectic sound, which ranges from at times minimalistic and ambient, to a heavier prog-rock feel...While many of the songs on ‘Rains’ adhere to a standard tension-release construction, this large ensemble works well together, mixing an array of influences and instruments with a sophistication that departs from the predictability of heavy post-rock bands. Each track is in itself a single entity; however, the well-crafted record manages to achieve an overarching sense of continuity and unity. ‘Rains’ provides a delicate mixture between easy listening and spirited sonorities that make it good background music, or a well-produced record to tune in and deconstruct with intense focus.
Read the whole review by Christine Savage at spaceshipnews.com.au 


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